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IBS Consultant Group prides itself on offering its renowned services to a diverse and wide ranging selection of clients, represented by small private concerns to larger household multinational names, each is fully catered to in a personalized and appropriate manner to ensure that their needs are met in a cost effective and efficient sense.

The following is a brief list of just some of the benefits our clients enjoy by partnering with us.

Each of our clients over the course of our relationship with them is assigned a dedicated advisor who will be their point of contact at all times and is intimately familiar with the specifics of their requirements.

Our clients are provided with detailed and regular reporting and analysis of all relevant factors affecting their performance and the activities that we are engaged to carry out on their behalf, thereby staying fully informed at all times.

Target Specific campaigns are employed to maximize results by reaching the audience most likely to receive our clients in appositive manner; this is achieved through our extensive database and demographic profiling techniques.

Presentations, Conferences and Seminars

Even in today’s high tech information age where documents, video presentations and the internet can all work together to allow free exchange over vast distances, the human perspective of meeting in person and being able to directly respond on an individual level is where the vast majority of large scale business decisions are agreed upon. By participating in and hosting conferences where your business and its representatives are able to interact in a direct manner with both existing and potential investors we at IBS Consultant Group can vastly increase your chances of investment success.

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