Formed in 2005, IBS Consultant Group is one of the Asia’s leading investor relations firms that provide a wide range of businesses timely, transparent and reliable avenues for maintain strong investor and public confidence. At IBS Consultant Group we assist our clients in developing and delivering the proper narrative to its intended audience through mediums ranging from annual reports and investor showcasing to webcasting and media spots. We work in a highly efficient manner, selectively targeting the right investor demographics for your needs by utilizing our extensive market intelligence database. In this way the team at IBS Consultant Group can improve the trading volume and share valuation for your company whether it is a publicly traded or private company.

The highly professional and experienced team at IBS Consultant Group is comprised of personnel with backgrounds in Investment Banking, Accounting, Media and IT. We specialize in assisting pre IPO companies; however we also have a wide range of clients from private equity firms, hedge funds and more. Over the years our team of professionals has established a myriad of long standing relations in the investment community with fund managers, Investment organizations, investment bankers, and financial regulators around the globe. This expansive range of experience and a keen practical understanding of international markets and regulations allow us to effectively serve your best interests, no matter where you are situated.


Our professional team at IBS Consultant Group has had to grow continuously over the years as our company has grown to meet the stringent needs of more and more high quality clients. We are always willing to receive resumes from high caliber individuals who feel that we would be a place where they can meet their full potential. We seek primarily applicants with at least 4 years of experience in the fields of finance and media, though we will consider submissions from persons with experience in other related fields. If you feel that you are this person, please email a copy of your resume to us for consideration in any future openings we may have.

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